When it Comes to Money, Get Out of Your Own Way

“One of the things that’s been totally transformational for me has been digging into [questions like] What do I think about money? People making money? People making a lot of money? Charging a lot of money? You don’t think of those things as being an emotional issue… but for me this has been such a challenge.”

Making money comes with a lot of baggage.

Do I really deserve it? Am I worth THAT much?

Why are we so sensitive? Why do we hold ourselves back—both as business owners and employees?


In this episode, Kristen and Stevie dig into how an emotional attachment to money affects your business—and your life.

Do you have money baggage? Submit your story.

Find out how your deep-seated emotional issues surrounding money could be holding you back from reaching your full potential. Give it a listen:

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