What's Your Sign? Personality Tests at Work

“The second someone is like, ‘we’re not gonna get along. I’m a Libra.’ I’m like, oh my god WHAT… this isn’t that real…”

Personality tests probably make you think of a quiz you’d find in Seventeen Magazine or people who live and breathe by their star chart. But personality tests can give you valuable insight on how to communicate to your team.

In the first episode of 2019 we’re explaining why we stand by the personality tests that we use professionally. These aren’t your typical Sorting Hat quizzes on Pottermore (although we discuss Hogwarts houses). These simple quizzes could help you manage your people better and get to know yourself on a deeper level.


In this episode, we talk about every personality test from horoscopes and Hogwarts houses to The 5 Voices and How to Fascinate. We weed out the good from the bad and discuss what’s helpful .vs. harmful.

Have a personality test in mind that we missed? Submit your story.

Check out which quizzes really go the distance and which ones are better left unchecked.

Season 3Sydney Stephens