“People think it’s weird if a woman is really excited about making money.” 

Real Talk: It’s really hard to understand what you’re worth. But here’s the deal, it’s not bragging when you raise your prices and it’s not humble when you undervalue yourself. So how do you find a happy middle and price your work accurately? Let’s talk it out.

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Is undervaluing yourself more common for women? Midwesterners? Midwestern women? We’re about to find out why Kristen and Stevie have such a hard time fighting for their right to make that cash.

In this episode, we talk about pricing your work and being confident while doing it. Like most things, it comes down to what you think you deserve.

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For real though, stop feeling ashamed for earning 👏 that 👏dough👏. And start listening to this episode.

Season 3Sydney Stephens