How to Think Like A Boss

“When I see people running or when I see them having owner mentality, there is that hustle, or what I would expect from myself.”

Whether or not you’re the person in charge of your business, you’ve gotta have owner mentality. Learn to see where your office is struggling, where it’s succeeding, and how your actions can directly affect the people you work with.

We’re moving into 2019, so we’re gonna challenge you to set some goals. How can you have owner mentality? What can you do to be a runner in the workplace? In Episode 16, Kristen and Stevie talk about what it means to think like a boss and strategies to help you get there.


In this episode, we break down what exactly it means to have owner mentality, how to get through the workday like a #boss, and steps you can take to be the next office superstar.

Have a time where you reaped the benefits of your hustle? Or rewarded an employee with an amazing work ethic? Submit your story.

Find out how to seek joy in your work and why you should never walk, like, ever.

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