Resetting for the New Year

“I just love that New Years Resolution rebirth… I feel like I always come back with renewed clarity and energy on what this year should look like.”

You’ve had your holiday treats and waved goodbye to every distant relative that drove or flew into town. Now, it’s all about you. Let’s get back on track for 2019, together.


We’re thrilled about the respite we get between Christmas and New Years, so we’re taking this time to realign our chakras and reassess our work life. What are you hoping to manifest this year? How can you kick ass and make it happen?

In this episode, we’re talking about pressing the reset button, which 2018 attitudes we want to leave behind, and we go on a little tangent about why our office will stay women-led for years to come.

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Tune in to start thinking about what this new year could hold for you and your office:

Season 3Sydney Stephens