Sharing Space

“Obviously you need to find the right people...” 

It can be really hard to manage all of your employees, keep your office tidy, and balance feeling isolated and claustrophobic in your space. Now imagine that your business isn’t the only one in the room.

Skeptical? We were too, at first. But just like with any roommate situation, it depends on the people you’re sharing with.


This week Stevie is OUT and our office-mate Annika is IN. What’s the office dynamic really like when you’re cramming multiple businesses into one space? Let’s talk about the stresses and successes of being low on elbow room in your office.

In this episode, we get serious about how office sharing can help women-owned businesses get off the ground and how roommate conflict can make for a bumpy ride.

Got an office sharing story that’s too good to keep quiet? Let’s talk! Submit your story.

Ok, scooch in close. We’re getting all up in each other’s personal space for this episode. Give it a listen:

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