Personal Boundaries & Power Dynamics

“It does become like ‘well when am I doing it to please you as my boss versus just out of the goodness of my heart…”

Season 3 has officially begun and we’re kicking it off with talking about boundaries. Where’s the line between coworker and friend? Between employee and bestie? What is ok for your boss to ask you and what’s a dealbreaker?


From sharing a TMI story at happy hour to babysitting for your boss, where do you put your foot down?

In this episode, we discuss the difficult task that is separating office politics with real-world relationships. In an ideal office, would we all be totally open with each other or would we stick to business as usual?

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Let’s break down some boundaries! Or build them up. Whichever you’re comfortable with.

Okurrrr, here's the episode: 

Season 3Sydney Stephens