Bonus Episode: Mastermind Meet-up!

“I think one of the things that’s so valuable about this is it’s pretty lonely to be the boss.”

You know we love a good mastermind group at Profresh. That’s why we’ve got something special for you this week. Tune in to hear our mastermind panel recording live from the Hatchery! We answer questions, share some secrets, and even crack a few jokes.


It’s important to discuss business with people you respect and trust—and that’s exactly what a mastermind is. The masterminders in this episode are your host Kristen from Hoot Design Co., Beth from OneCanoeTwo and June Clever, Liz from Poppy, and Jesse from Scout & Nimble.

In this episode, we discuss everything that makes a mastermind group worth it and why we love having a regular group of biz confidants to chat with.

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Tune in to learn the ins and outs of a boss group of bosses:

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