Getting TMI with Clients

“And that really was a turning point for me when I realized, it’s not— that’s not healthy or good or productive to be that transparent with your client.”

Without clients, your business would cease to exist. So naturally, you feel close to clients—grateful, even. But what happens when all those warm & fuzzies that come with being close to a client turns into giving a little too much information?


Clearly Kristen and Stevie love to talk. But when it comes to client meetings and customer service, what’s the policy on spilling the beans? How open should you be with your clients? Even your favorite ones?

In this episode, we dive into honesty in the workplace, protecting the creative team, and blurring the line between business partners and buddies.

Do you have a harrowing tale of oversharing? Well, this is a safe space. Submit your story.

Tune in to hear us overshare about oversharing. Wow!

Season 3Sydney Stephens