Emailing While Female

“I will read into the smiley face too much so I’ll be like ‘uhhh so they were, like, rude and they did a smiley face? She thinks this is funny? I’m going over there.”

We could all say sorry a lil less and nix a few smiley faces. Because in reality, how often are you actually “sorry to bother” someone? Swap that out for “hey buster, let’s move on this.”


Emailing while female, millennial, and low on the totem pole can make for a lot of communication issues. Bring the same confidence to a Slack confrontation that you do to a Thanksgiving dinner with your out-of-touch uncles.

In this episode, we chat about the pitfalls that happen to the best of us when we get in the habit of apologizing for existing. Guess what, you’ve got a right to send that email, honey. We’re in this together.

Wanna practice your confident email voice today? Share an office experience with us. And don’t you dare apologize. Submit your story.

Listen in to see what emailing faux pas Kristen and Stevie engaged in today:

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