Culture Series Part I: Joy

“I make this joke all the time, like, ‘don’t let the hate seep into the work.”

Company culture matters. It matters so dang much that we made a podcast about it! So, for the next 3 episodes we’re diving into our culture tenants and how they shape our every day.


It seems like being joyful isn’t something you can work hard at, but that’s what we do every day. Joy doesn’t come easy on those super tough days. And it’s nearly impossible to make a whole team of people feel joyful. But we’re sharing our secrets the best we can.

In this episode, we talk about the peaks and pitfalls of joy in our office. An occasional joke is welcome, but be prepared for them to flop. When you’re feeling especially hateful, how do you keep creating? Tune in to find out.

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Season 3Sydney Stephens