Culture Series Part III: Collaboration

“We want collaboration with our clients, I love when clients give thoughtful feedback… it’s when it is so extreme it just feels like you’re getting punched…”

The final installment in our culture series is about the lifeblood of any creative agency: collaboration. Whether you call it a brainstorm, a meet-up, or a think tank—the meeting of minds is super essential.

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Collaboration is a given at a creative workplace. But we’re not just talking about two interns troubleshooting together. We’re also discussing how a client’s collaboration can benefit or befuddle an office as a whole.

In this episode, we’re processing what kind of collaboration works for us, and what kind of feedback can become hellish rather than helpful. It’s certainly going to be a handful and you won’t want to miss it.

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Listen to the final episode of the culture series to relate to the good and bad sides of collaboration:

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