America's Next Creative Director

“I reached out to Steve to see if he had any leads for me, as far as Creative Directors go, and he actually said ‘what about me?”

Going through a transitional time? Invent a position and innovate your way to the top. It’s what we’re doing!

Meet our new Creative Director, Steve, and hear about our inventive plan to fill his position.


This episode is an introduction to Steve, an investigation of what it’s like to consult an ad agency, and an invitation to apply to work at Hoot Design Co! Wow, we sure rolled a lot into our last episode of the season. Don’t worry, Season 4 airs in August 2019 and by that time, you’ll get to meet whoever replaces good ole Steve. This episode is kind of a must, y’all.

Think you could be our next Creative Director? Apply today.

Check out how we evolved the hiring process into a grand search for America’s (HDco’s) Next Creative Director. Girl, you better listen:

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