Coworking Follow-Up: Is Stevie Going To Get Fired??

“I think It’s been going well. I mean, you can ask Kristen.”

“I brought you here to fire you.”

“I’m getting fired at the end of this episode.”

Ever wondered how half of our Profresh duo is doing in the big city? Coworking sounds hip and fun, but how does it actually affect your employees?


Stevie has been working in Chicago for three months now and we have yet to hear the dirt on working remotely. How is Hoot Design Co. faring with their Lead Copywriter in a different state?

In this episode, we chat about the loneliness of remote work, the high stakes of failing in Chicago, and a cute boy that may or may not work in or near Stevie’s office.

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Check out how ‘Ya Girl Stevie’ is doing when her job is on the line:

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