Betsy Drach: Pulling Strings for Knockout Success

“It just felt right. They were excited about what I was doing. There were a lot of women that worked there, which I loved. And all of the women were behind me and for me and you can just tell when someone is with you in your vision.”

This week Profresh has a guest! Kristen and Stevie take a backseat as we pick Betsy Drach’s brain about her development of a menstrual cup and the building of her brand.


The Dot Cup is a menstrual cup that’s modernizing your period and helping a woman in need with every. single. purchase. Yeah, we were pretty excited about it too.

In this episode, we talk about loving your body, branding your business, and making every step from manufacturing to delivery fit your values as a businesswoman.

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Get ready to love your body, ladies. Give it a listen:

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