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Listening to @ProfreshProdcast is so refreshing! 😉 Hosts Kristen and Stevie spill the beans—and the tea—on what it’s like working in a creative office. They have so many tips, stories, and lessons for all the #GirlBosses out there dealing with the Chads of the work world.

Make sure you tune in to #Profresh every Friday! Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Make that list and check it twice (or thrice, for you overachievers). This checklist from @ProfreshPodcast is giving me serious inspo. What are some of your workplace #goals?

As hard as you work, you deserve to like the space you’re in. @ProfreshPodcast hosts Kristen and Stevie dish on how you can improve your company culture, from getting standing desks to creating a candid environment. We can all learn so much from them! Tune in at (Link in bio!)

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