Work, Party, Work, Party

I feel more shame not being available because I don’t have children, I don’t have even a boyfriend so there’s nothing taking up my time so when people slack me on the weekend and I don’t respond it’s like “what are you doing?”


When you're young, you can throw yourself into your work and you're considered a total baller. But when you're a busy mom, suddenly being involved in your job comes with a lot of guilt.

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This minisode is all about climbing the corporate ladder and how it changes as you get older. Do young people just work and party all day? Do moms have to give up one or the other? Let's see.

In this episode, we tackle the big issue of balance as a mom and really try to figure out how to keep the work-party going well into your adulthood.

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Let's dish the dirt on what's expected of working moms vs single millennials.

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