Too Hot to Take Seriously

"I didn’t want our bodies to be factored into the content we were presenting."

Moving up the corporate ladder without being objectified shouldn't be so hard. Yet here we are with a whole podcast about it. 

How do you stay on your hustle when being young and attractive can be used against you? Don't worry girl, we're here for you.


We've discussed the minefield that is workplace attire for women. But what about when you're being judged for things you can't change, like your looks or your age? How do you keep on your work grind when your higher-ups are making snap judgments?

In this episode, we talk about how being young, attractive, and a woman can become a tricky spot when you're trying to be taken seriously. Are good looks a secret weapon or an excuse for someone to be condescending?


Don't forget that this season you have an opportunity to share your experiences on air, either publicly or anonymously. Become the female professional that you needed to hear from by submitting your story here.

Without further ado, let's talk about the tightrope walk that is being taken seriously as a woman in biz.

Give it a listen: