The Goldilocks Zone of Being a Woman in Biz

"It’s the riding the line between assertive but not bitchy. A leader but not bossy. And why I think women can feel very held back in the workplace because they’re walking this tightrope basically."


Let's just say it: your appearance factors into how you're perceived in the workplace. And some of those perceptions makes sense. Obviously, you don't want your financial advisor to show up to a meeting in stained sweatpants.

But how much should appearance matter and how are women between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their looks?


Which heels are too high? Which flats are too matronly? Why should we care? When trying to look corporate feels like a Catch 22, maybe it's the dress code's fault and not yours.

In this episode, we take a deep dive on the double standards we've encountered when it comes to dressing for work. What maintenance do we do for ourselves and what do we do because it's expected of us?

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Ok seriously, let's break down the battle that women have to fight just to wear what they want.

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Season 2Sydney Stephens