Motherhood Part II: Stay at Home Parents

Episode 12: Stay at Home Parents

"You're either a dad or a Good Dad. You're either a mom or a Bad Mom.”


In the second installment of our series on motherhood, we discuss stay at home moms and dads. Are women shamed for being the breadwinner? Are men looked down on for staying home? We tackle these q's and much more.

Stay at Home Parents.png

According to an article from Huffington Post, 16% of all stay-at-home parents are men. Although this is a HUGE improvement, it still means stay-at-home dads have few friends in the same position as them. 

In this episode, we focus on stay-at-home parenting. Specifically, the struggles of a stay-at-home dad to feel like he's not alone.

Have your experiences read on air, either publicly or anonymously and become the female professional that you needed to hear. Submit your story here.

Let's break down staying at home .vs. being a working parent and how it's different for men and women.

Give it a listen: