Profresh Happy Hour: Words Matter

"[I realized] holy sh*t, I am doing really good work, yet why is everyone surprised that I’m getting paid..."- Kristen Brown

When words become your reality, when is it time to stop being humble and start being proud of your hustle?

Arming yourself with the right vocabulary to talk about your business is a key component of being successful. Diminishing your business is not only something that more women do than men, it can also cost you money. When is it time to nail down an elevator pitch and start giving yourself some credit? Day One. This episode is all about Dream Customers, Elevator Pitches, and how the ladder can win over the former. Dig in, Profreshers!


You might think that bragging on a business that is in its fledgling stages is a clear sign of hubris. But have you ever seen a high-powered male entrepreneur referring to his business as "this ole thing? It's just something I scraped together!" Absolutely not. And if you have, he should listen to this episode, too. Let's make your business a passion that empowers you, rather than something you meekly throw out at cocktail parties. With a customer-oriented elevator pitch, you can start talking about your business with the confidence it deserves.

How do you frame a business that you just started in your mind? How do decide who your dream customers are and who just isn't for you? The classic answer is time and practice. But hearing some words of wisdom from someone who has been there and done that can't hurt! 

Kristen has plenty of helpful tips and resources (including this book for Graphic Designers) that can help you skip the first couple of years of downplaying your success and get right to being proud of what you've built. 

Start liking Mondays by getting a grip on exactly what you do and how to talk to clients, family, and strangers about it. 

Want an elevator pitch that practically sells itself? Here's the downloadable PDF.

In this episode, we discuss tough habits to break, reaching out to the customers you want, and proving the ROI on your dream.

Give it a listen: 

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