ProFresh Happy Hour: When Shit Hits The Fan

"You’re basically shitting on these women who are trying to make it work. Trying to be all things to everybody. The good wife, the good mom, and make some money..." - Kristen Brown

Need to unpack some hot topics? Your friends from the ProFresh Team have a glass of rosé poured, and they're ready to dive in with you.

Hey, you. You're a great listener, and we love that about you! That's why we wanted to craft a mini episode that has the fresh takes you want and the host that you love. Kristen is joined by ProFresh Content Team Member and Harry Potter fanatic, Sydney, to tackle breadwinning, dual-income households, and sexism in business. There's no holding back in this hot-off-the-press episode that takes place in our own very own studio at Hoot Design Co.


Sydney Stephens is a Content Manager and Social Media Coordinator for the ProFresh team. Overall a Podcast Enthusiast, Sydney has been taken with ProFresh ever since her first listen. "Hearing about women kick ass is my jam, and I think everyone needs more of it," Sydney shared with the ProFresh Team loudly. Kristen and Sydney have been working to tell the stories of inspiring women, and maybe today they can inspire you. If not, you can laugh alongside them.

It probably sounds weird, but Kristen and Sydney have listened to every episode with you. Get to know the host you hear every week and the behind-the-scenes person you didn't know you needed. Through the tales of broken partnerships, near bankruptcies, and new breadwinners, our ProFresh team has kept you guessing and on your toes. 

Join in on the conversation! The owner of an established business and the creative who's just starting out share what they've been thinking during the recordings, blogs, and interviews. And you just might agree with them.

Read up on the blog that Kristen can't stop mentioning! The Silent Killer of Relationships is not what you think, unless you've listened to the episode...

In this episode, we keep it 100 with our views on MLMs, women empowerment, and if marital expectations are changing for better... or worse. 

Give it a listen: 

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