Profresh Happy Hour: In The Dark

"Is it worth it to you to live in a place you’ve always dreamed of living and not see the people that you like to see on a daily basis or even for a very long time? A month ago I would’ve said no. - Jenna Westra

As workplace technology continues to boom, is working remotely a walk in the park? We would argue that although it's easier to do, it's not better.

When you hear that someone works remotely, you probably picture them in a cabin in the mountains, pajama-clad, and serenely typing away. Unfortunately for everyone, it's not even close to that easy. This week we interviewed our Project Manager, Jenna, about the remote work she does for us from Vail, Colorado. Listen to this episode and decide for yourself: Is remote work a burden or a blessing?


HDco Project Manager, Jenna Westra, has been skiing since she was six years old. After graduating Stephens College and working at Hoot Design Company in Columbia, MO, Jenna realized she could easily move to the picturesque town of Vail, Colorado. But working remotely hasn't been a piece of cake. Jenna has had to visit Columbia several times in a few months in order to keep our team on track. During this visit, we were able to interview her about her experience with remote work, and you don't want to miss it.

"It became really apparent to us pretty quickly that we needed to talk on the phone every day,” Kristen says about the transition into Jenna working remotely. 

What our staff has come to realize is that there's an emotional level to a coworker being remote.

You can spend hours trying to interpret an emoji someone sent. You're unable to grab a coffee and talk it out when disputes arise. You lose that person's emotional contribution to your workplace.

This isn't to say that remote work is out of the question for a business. Jenna is such a valuable member of our business that training someone to replace her would've be stressful and even disappointing. It was preferable that we had Jenna in Vail than lose her completely. And since the first couple of months, we've adapted to the struggle that is working without Jenna in the office.

Draw your own conclusions about working remotely! In this episode, we give you the unfiltered truth about the bliss we've shared and the backpedaling we've had to do in this remote situation.

Give it a listen: 

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