ProFresh Happy Hour: Don't Get Burned


"Your brand is so valuable. Your website should be constantly evolving and changing, your brand should not."- Kristen Brown

Developing a website is over most people's heads, and that's okay. Web development doesn't have to be in your wheelhouse, but you do need to know the facts.

Don't get stuck with an over-engineered website that you paid through the nose for. Take it from a marketing company that specializes in Squarespace sites -- you should be able to edit your website whenever you want and however you want (if it's on-brand of course!) Tune into this (slightly rage-y) episode where we outline the questions that you should be asking your web developer.

Website development can be flat-out overwhelming. Every business and website will pose different challenges, but one thing remains the same: your developer should be transparent with you. Because coding is beyond so many of us, it's easy for a web designer to bump up the price for a site that is so cryptic you don't know how to edit it. Websites and web developers are still extremely important, but it's all about finding the right developer that keeps it real with you.

"What I want people to know is that your investment needs to be in your content, in your brand, your strategy, and your messaging. And the way that you put your website together should be whatever way will encourage you to actually edit it," Kristen shares.

As an business owner, we understand that people are constantly telling you what you need. A website, a bookkeeper, etc. Marketing doesn't have to be at the top of your priorities, but for important things like a website, you should feel confident in the people helping you.

This episode raises the questions that we hope you ask -- "How dependent am I on this developer? Is this site being over-engineered? Is my brand shining through?" Hopefully after this, you'll feel prepared to take on the major task that is communicating with your web developer.

Read the Business Matters blog that our very own Avery Enderle Wagner wrote about how to keep your web autonomy. (Disclaimer: Avery wrote this blog, but the picture on the article is of Sydney)

In this episode, we rage about the smoke and mirrors that can snare your progress and the strength that comes with a solid brand.

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