Motherhood Part I: Maternity

"We're all starting to understand that financial reality is not just or equal... so it's great to ask for help and get it."


For every dollar a man earns, unmarried women with no children earn $0.96. Yet married mothers earn $0.76. And that's without factoring in race! What the WHAT.

Source: National Longitudinal Survey of Youth from 1979 to 2006.

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In the first installment of our motherhood series we're breaking down how 9 months can affect the rest of your career when pregnancy is seen as a work conflict.

How do real women work around the politics and pay-cuts surrounding pregnancy? We're taking this discussion out of Capitol Hill meetings and bringing it back to the women of Columbia that are being affected by those essential yet fleeting months.

In this episode, we talk money and the beginnings of motherhood. How do working women stay on their grind when parenting is seen as a one-sided issue?


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Welcome to the first episode of a ProFresh series surrounding maternity, Moms, Dads, and all the business in between.

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