Let's Stop Mansplaining In Its Tracks.

"It’s when you feel that condescension and you’re in the workplace and you’re like ‘wow I actually know more about this topic’ [than you]."

You know the feeling. You're grown-ass woman at work and some dude from the next cubicle over starts explaining something to you as if you're 14 again. 

This week we're talking about mansplaining and tackling the big question: "ummm what the h*ck?"


Mansplaining is a buzzword these days, but what are some examples of mansplaining in action? Today we share some of our stories. Sadly, we're sure you've experienced that gross feeling you get when a male peer breaks down a simple topic you already understand for "your benefit." 

In this episode, we talk about times that we've encountered mansplaining and how we've tried to handle it. We also clarify what's regular workplace instruction and what's mansplaining 101.


Don't forget that this season you have an opportunity to share your experiences on air, either publicly or anonymously. Become the female professional that you needed to hear from by submitting your story here.

Buckle up, because we're about to tackle a whole lot of condescension in one episode.

Give it a listen: