Episode 9: Knowledge Is Power. Why Not Share It?

"Nobody wants to be a part of someone else’s dream forever. I tell the girls, you guys are helping me fulfill my dream, so what do YOU want to do?" - Chrystal Sadler

How can you use your business to empower others?

Is sharing your success secrets a dangerous game or a team sport? This week we dive into the idea of uplifting others as you succeed and how that can make for happier employees and a healthier workplace. How can you incorporate this generosity into your business? How has this mission statement of empowering people helped Chrystal Sadler in her path to success?


In this episode we break down some of the common misconceptions about everything from sharing your secrets to confronting society's expectations of you.

Chrystal Sadler owns Chrystal L. Hair and Makeup, a salon in downtown Columbia, Missouri. She has also recently launched a non-profit organization called The Bold Academy which instills leadership skills in young women of color in the Columbia community.

"I want everybody who I’ve ever touched or been a part of to succeed," Chrystal shared with us. Her commitment to inspiring young people to achieve their goals comes from her own experience with a mentor who was a crucial part of Chrystal's youth.  Now she brings that same compassionate energy to her clients, employees, and even competition. Chrystal's ultimate goal is to encourage more women of color to venture out on their own into the business world. "Sometimes it sucks to be one of the few [women of color] in the room… when I walk into a lot of places I am literally the only woman of color or person of color," Chrystal said to ProFresh. Chrystal's work with The Bold Academy is aimed to fix this issue by empowering young women of color to have their voices heard in future boardrooms.

In this episode, Chrystal shares her experiences with building a business, her need to actualize the dreams of others, and her hopes to see more women of color in the business world.

Give it a listen: