Episode 8: Owning A Business Helped With My Anxiety

“For me it was the struggles of anxiety mixed with a newborn mixed with this business, so meeting with clients was really an issue for me. It’s still a struggle for me.” – Kelli McDowell, One to One Print Shop

Everyone talks about "having it all." But what does that really look like?

“Having it all” probably makes you think of some trailer for a rom-com blockbuster. A Sarah Jessica Parker type bounces a kid on her knee with her phone pinched between her ear and shoulder. She shouts something about quarterly projections and the Dow Jones to her boss... who's probably an asshole.


But the balancing act of work, family, and your own well-being is much more human than that. Your life is real life. And it comes with a heck of lot more stress.

Kelli McDowell owns One to One Print Shop alongside her husband, Johnathon. She's viewed screen printing as her calling ever since she graduated high school – and she loves that she gets to create artful t-shirts as a job!

Kelli started her company with a newborn baby and an unexpected bout of anxiety. How do you stay positive and productive during a time of stress? How do you keep work and life separate when your business partner is your husband? You’ll have to listen to find out.
In this episode, Kelli discusses how growing her business helped quell her anxiety, how setting rules kept shop-talk separate from her marriage, and how raising her kids while nurturing a business turned out to be the perfect combination.
Give it a listen: