Episode 7: I've Gotten Sick of Hustling

“I don't give a shit if someone likes what I’m doing, likes what I’m wearing, likes what I look like, likes how I’m living my life. But when you’re trying to pay rent, you need to care that people are buying this stuff.” – Lily Dawson, Lily Dawson Designs

Don’t we all want to “find ourself?”


Sometimes it takes ending your marriage, leaving your husband, and dismantling your business to do it.

That mission of “finding yourself” gets more complicated when you’re a self-employed artist who still needs to pay rent and has just lost a stable paycheck.

Lily Dawson of Lily Dawson Designs has been through it and lived to tell the tale.

But after all of it, she’s more enlightened, in touch with herself, and in control of her life and business than ever before.

In this week’s episode, Kristen sat down with Lily to hear all about how far she’s come in her journey.

Give it a listen: