Episode 6: It Just Felt Like a Natural Progression

“The whole flight I remember chatting nonstop. It was almost like we had never NOT worked together every single day. Like that time that I took off didn't happen. It was like it just got cut out, glued back together, and business as usual. And I think that's what was so easy about everything.” – Liz Tucker, Poppy Made by Hand

We often think of entrepreneurs as people who start their own businesses entirely from scratch. But that's not always the case.

What's it like to take a business that someone else has built and make it your own?

Liz Tucker purchased Poppy from her long time mentor and friend after working in the shop for years.

But not only did she face the challenge of taking on an established business – she happened to take over Poppy in the middle of a time where online commerce had been displacing brick-and-mortar stores more quickly than ever before.

Not to mention having two young kids and a business-owning hubs, too!

But amidst these challenges, Liz has been able to grow Poppy in the new directions by embracing a newfound spirit that builds upon the store’s original legacy.

Ready to hear how she did it?

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