Episode 4: I Have No Reason Now to Not Get This Started

“It's almost like I wasn't living to my fullest potential. And so therefore I was kind of being unfair to myself... I was putting all my focus on [my child], which I feel as a parent is very important, but I felt like it's not being fair to yourself to not use all of your skills.” – Amanda Quick, Founder of The Hatchery

It sucks that I have to point this out, but in our culture, women face a whole different set of challenges than men when it comes to parenting.

Any direction you turn, there are hundreds of ways to be labeled a “bad mom.” Guilt, shame, and being told how we are supposed to feel do nothing to alleviate the stress of trying to care for a young child.

And when you add launching a new business on top of all the pressures a new mom already faces? That’s a level of stress that’s absolutely off the charts!


Amanda Quick, owner of The Hatchery, was inspired to create a co-working space where parents can be professional and productive – with their kids close by, but out of the way.

Amanda jumped into action to get The Hatchery – a co-working space with on-site childcare – off the ground even while her own daughter was only a few months old.

The struggles she has encountered as a new mom who’s also embracing a professional life inform every decision Amanda has made in her journey to bring The Hatchery to life.

In this week’s episode of ProFresh, Kristen and Amanda sit down to talk about what it’s like to juggle kids and a professional life, the unexpected pressures of motherhood, and how a little flexibility can go a long way in helping new moms find some sanity.

Give it a listen!