Episode 3: “YOU Own This Business?”

“There have been times where someone is like, let’s have a meeting. But then it ends up being more of a drink or date... And you’re like, wait a minute...” – Jessie Yankee, Owner of Easy PC

When was the last time you pre-judged someone based on a stereotype and later thought to yourself, “Wow! That was spot-on! And so conscientious of me!”

Yeah, never.

Stereotypes hurt. Stereotypes are inaccurate. Yet stereotypes persist.

A classic: “the IT guy” – socially awkward, hunched over a monitor, withdrawn, probably hasn’t showered in a week, a terrible communicator.

Or others: The female office assistant, the attractive sales girl, the wife with a hobby business.


In Jessie Yankee's case, these stereotypes about tech, gender, and business all combine into one big, sly, persistent set of clichés.

Jessie owns Easy PC and specializes in computer repair and IT solutions. And as you can imagine, there aren’t a whole lot of female business owners in the IT world.

She’s grown the business year after year by combining IT expertise with great customer service for small businesses.

Jessie's been recognized as one of the top 20 movers and shakers under 40 here in COMO. She's brilliant at computer tech, always involved in the community, and is a savvy business owner.

But she’s had her share of road bumps being a female owner in the overwhelmingly male IT field – from clients, employees, potential customers, and even peers.

Like the time a competitor left a review saying, “Jessie is easy on the eyes, too.” Yeah, that really happened...

Give the episode a listen: