Episode 25: Not Girl Bosses... Just Bosses

"Being a woman-owned company feels really good, especially in this era. It’s just nice to know that we are not girl bosses, we are just bosses." - Cheree Berry

Can your business receive national fame and acclaim while sticking to its Midwestern roots? Cheree Berry Paper makes custom invitations for everyone from Matt Damon to Chelsea Clinton -- all from their St. Louis office. 

"We’re able to compete with these large agencies and boutiques in larger cities but have the quality of life and the cost of living that we can have here in Missouri," Cheree says about her business balance. Cheree moved from New York to St. Louis, but she didn't narrow the scope of her dreams. If you're looking for a success story that spans several states and is less than 6 degrees from Kevin Bacon, look no further.


Cheree Berry is the owner and founder of Cheree Berry Paper. Cheree Berry Paper designs custom and chic stationery for all occasions and is headquartered in St. Louis. This woman-owned company has gained a reputation amongst celebrities for being discrete as well as superb.

"Most of our clientele happens to be on the coast… I think sometimes they like to look across state lines and see what their neighbor doesn’t have… that might feel a little untapped." Cheree tells us.

Cheree Berry Paper has a reputation that speaks for itself. With high-profile clients from across the United States, it's clear that Cheree Berry Paper is at the top of their game.

And Cheree Berry Paper isn't afraid to change with the world around them. A pivot in products might be in their future, and it may surprise you. 

Listen to Cheree's perspective on paper invitations in a digital world and bridging the gap between land-locked states and oceanside cities.

In this episode, Cheree discusses the Midwestern touch that makes her woman-owned business a household name from coast to coast.

Give it a listen: 

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