Episode 22: No Such Thing as Overnight Success

"What surprised me [about business ownership] is that now I can have a work-life harmony, not a balance, because for me balance means kind of equal… but harmony is something you have to work more for your business, sometimes more for the family."- Nori Szanto

When your life does a total 180, do you stay with your safe dream job? Or do you venture into the loneliness of business ownershipand hope for greener pastures?

Nori Szanto landed the job of her dreams right out of school. She had a blossoming career, a supportive husband, and was about to have her first child. But motherhood changed everything for Nori. The fast-paced job became burdensome, and all she wanted was time with her children. So what did she do? Much to the dismay of her friends and family, she quit her job and basically started over. But you probably guessed that because she's on this podcast after all... Tune in to hear how Nori's work grind helps her stay grateful every day.



Nori Szanto is the founder of Busy Moms', Happy Tribe. Nori and her business partner, Szilvi, are on a mission to empower mothers to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. Nori grew up in Hungary and always dreamed of landing a job in Western Europe. Her hard work paid off, and soon Nori was working in Switzerland and regularly traveling to London. After having children, Nori hit several transformative road bumps that changed her views on business and balance.

"Suddenly I started sobbing. People were staring at me like ‘what is wrong with her’ but I just couldn't stop because I was missing my baby so much. And then once I managed to pull myself together, I asked myself the question ‘Do I really need this? Do i need to be so far away from my family?’ Nori tells us of an emotional episode on a business trip. This was the turning point that made her ditch the idea of the work-life balance.

The desire to equally invest in your family and business is the myth that Nori seeks to debunk. She refers to her philosophy as "work-life harmony." In work-life harmony you are investing time in whatever needs the help, rather than burning the candle at both ends.

Buys Moms, Happy Tribe is also centered around the ideal of implementing harmony into your life. Nori said that when she used to ask mothers how they plan to get their pre-pregnancy body back, the overwhelming response was "I gave up hope." This is an unfortunate reality for so many women who are embarking on the journey of motherhood. Nori felt the same overwhelming feeling. And she set out to find a solution.

View Nori's morning routine!

We picked Nori's brain about the morning routine that she swears by, and here it is:

  • Wake up every morning before 6am

  • Gratitude practice

  • Short meditation

  • 10 minute workout

  • Get the kids ready

  • Take the kids to school

  • Quick 20 minute run- listen to a podcast!

  • Go home and shower and scheme about your day

  • Work and map out your 'Daily 5'

  • Between 5pm and bedtime- no phones!

Check out the book that changed Nori's view on task management: Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy

In this episode, Nori shares the depths of being disillusioned with your dream and the happiness you can build through harmony.

Give it a listen: 

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