Episode 21: Creating Value For Communities

"If I were 17 and you had told me 10-20 years from now you’ll be choosing to live in Missouri and you’ll be loving it, I would’ve told you you were crazy." - Tina Casagrand

When no one is speaking to your community, do you keep silent or raise your voice?

Tina Casagrand felt that the lower Midwest was always drawing the short straw. Rather than pack her bags and head for the coast, Tina created a publication for people just like her. The New Territory is designed to empower and excite Midwesterners that may feel overlooked. In this episode we discuss with Tina (our first publisher guest) how she is turning the view of the Midwest from "flyover" to fantastic.

Tina Casagrand is the founder, publisher, and editor of  The New Territory magazine. The New Territory is a subscriber-supported quarterly magazine that "puts the lower midwest in the center of the universe." Already four issues in, The New Territory consists of in-depth articles, gorgeous photography, and creative work from Midwesterners.

"The lower midwest is a fantastic place to live that is totally deserving of attention and sophisticated things," Tina tells us when discussing her motivation to start The New Territory.

A Missourian through-and-through, Tina lived in Dixon and Lebanon, MO in her formative years. While attending The University of Missouri for Journalism, Tina's plans to leave the Midwest behind began to change.

In the last two years, Tina Casagrand has started The New Territory magazine to instill joy in the creatives and entrepreneurs that are choosing to make the Midwest their home.

The New Territory describes their focal area as the "lower Midwest," consisting of Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

But why print? Tina had an answer for that as well.

"Our attention is so divided these days. I’m guilty of having 15 tabs open or more sometimes… and half of those will be great articles that I intend to read and never get to. But if I can grab a magazine and go in my backyard with a cup of coffee and just focus on a story, I feel so much better about myself."

The connection that people feel to her publication is Tina's true passion, and the magazine medium is how she's currently capturing Midwestern hearts and minds.

In this episode, Tina discussed the risks and rallies of starting a publication from scratch, and how her Midwestern upbringing evolved into a career.

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