Episode 20: There Was No Stopping Me

"I’ve always been a maker. Always. I grew up super-duper poor, so if I wanted something that we couldn’t afford, I would always try to figure out how to make it." - Michelle Nickerson

Owning your dream business doesn't mean that balance comes easy

Michelle Nickerson has been dreaming up Confetti Craft Co. for years in hopes to satisfy her need to be a maker. After falling ill for months, Michelle knew it was time to go all-in on her business idea and throw caution to the wind. Her investment paid off, and now she's letting fellow entrepreneurs know that the facade of balance is simply a myth. 


Michelle Nickerson is the founder and owner of Confetti Craft Co. Confetti Craft Co. is a craft studio-meets-cocktail bar in downtown Columbia, Missouri. Customers can enjoy a delicious cocktail with a punny name while making one of the many projects available to DIY.

"I’ve also always just been fascinated with business owners. I’m not a sports person, but they were always like the All-Stars in my mind," Michelle shares with us at the HDco studio.

After years of working at a desk job that heavily relied on her, Michelle had a minor illness that turned into a near-death experience. During her months of bed rest, Michelle honed the vision that would one day be Confetti Craft Co.

Even in the digital age, Michelle isn't worried about opening a brick and mortar business. In fact, she thinks Confetti Craft Co. is exactly what people need these days.

"Before when you would go to work, a lot of times you would leave work and say ‘I did this, this, this, and this.’ Now you leave work and you say… ‘hey, I got IT working after six hours.’ There’s nothing to show for it, so I really think that’s why people are enjoying actually physically making something with their hands," Michelle tells us.

A lifetime of crafting things to compensate for a slim budget has proved to Michelle that she has the tools to show others how to make something for themselves. Whether it's the decorations in her store or the branding surrounding her business, Michelle has DIY-ed her way into a successful business ownership.

In this episode, Michelle defies the typical narrative of juggling your life to 'have it all'. We talk about biz ownership misconceptions and major life mishaps that have taught Michelle about business and herself.

Give it a listen: 

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