Episode 2: I Tried Really Hard, I Learned a Lot... and Now, Move On

“To have something where you’re like, this is my dream, this is what I want to do, and then watch that become reality, that's giving birth to your child. And so to walk away from it, it was hard, it was… hard.” – Lauren Swartz

Do you know the saying, you can’t grow if you never fail?

You’ve probably heard the phrase or some version of it: You can’t learn if you never make mistakes, you can’t know success if you don’t know failure, winners aren’t afraid of losing… even try, try, again.

But what’s left out of that try–fail–learn–repeat mindset is one huge question:

When do you call it quits?

When do you decide that you’ve tried your hardest, you’ve learned a lot, you’ve tried again – and now it’s time to find a new path?

We’re trained to value success as an end destination. We’re trained to value failure as a test of perseverance along the way. What we’re not trained to value is the wisdom of changing your path. We’re trained to call that giving up.

Knowing when to start a totally different path is hard. It takes clarity to understand your own needs and courageto actually do what is right for you.

If there’s one person I know who embodies clarity and courage, it’s Lauren Swartz.

Lauren is savvy. She’s smart. She’s powerful, capable, and had a clear vision and detailed plan for her business – a clothing boutique called Lo & Behold.

We became fast friends in 2014 when she opened up THE most bomb clothing shop I’d ever seen right around the corner from our old studio.

It was a match made in girl boss heaven.

Soon, HDco took over Lo & Behold’s marketing.

We created Lauren's brand for the company, her website, and much of her advertising.

Working with Lauren was a marketer's dream. She trusted our expertise but brought her own strong, clear vision to the table: she knew her message and her ideal customer like the back of her hand.

Having those elements in place is the key to building a great relationship and creating powerful work together.

And that’s why I took it very personally when Lauren decided to close her doors. It was a HUGE decision for Lauren to decide when to fold 'em, and I knew her as a client, and as a friend.

I felt like I had let her down as a marketer: if we were doing our job well, wouldn't she be able to stay open? There are so many factors that impact a decision to stay open or to close, or to take out another loan, or to mortgage a home.

And at the end of the day, only the owner can know when it's time to close – and Lauren had that clarity.

It’s that clarity that makes her story and her friendship so powerful.

In this week’s episode of ProFresh, Lauren takes us through the journey. How do you know when to stop after you’ve worked so hard? How do you decide where to go from there?

Give the latest episode a listen to find out:

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