Episode 19: Be Bold

"I literally had tears coming down my face because I just thought it was so beautiful, and I thought for once I had hit on something unique and different that I hadn’t seen out there." - Stacie Pottinger

How do you find your brand voice, and what does it take to reinvent yourself?

After a fear of failure took Stacie out of the photography game for years, she came back guns blazing. With a fresh personal brand, a new name, and a website to match, Stacie isn't playing games this time around. But how do you build your own brand Stacie-style? How do you let your voice shine through and stay hella professional? We answer all this and more in this episode about knowing thyself and staying true to you.


Stacie Pottinger is the founder and owner of Rogue Studios. Although she does many different kinds of photography, she specializes in family photography and portraits. Her love for photography sustained her through a DIY rebranding and keeps her motivated on Mondays. Stacie Pottinger left photography only to discover years later, when she started a family, that it was where she should be. 

Because Stacie's son has autism, she needed a career that allowed her to make her own schedule and wouldn't take away from family time.

"Shout out to all the people with kids with special needs who are going to IEP meetings and so many doctors appointments and therapy who are not self-employed," Stacie told us during her interview.

It's no wonder that Stacie gravitated towards family photography after her years working in education. But a return to the industry and the reinvention of a business called for some major DIY branding. The intimidating task didn't scare Stacie away, and instead she went all-in on building a brand where she could be herself.

After years of feeling a little unfulfilled and a lot out of place, Stacie stumbled upon what would become a passion project. In the form of a woman over 100 years old. The Centenarian Series got her the attention of publications such as HuffPost and CNN Photos

See the full Centenarian Series that catapulted Stacie into the limelight.

In this episode, Stacie takes us through her journey of self-discovery and reinvention through fraud-y feelings, frugal phases, and finding her voice.

Give it a listen: 

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