Episode 18: Couldn't Have Ever Guessed

"We laughed in the lawyer’s face when he said 'well, you can do whatever you want, this is just if you stop talking." - Beth Snyder

What happens when your Etsy shop explodes into a million dollar business? What gets sacrificed along the way?

"Whenever you have a partnership, it’s like a marriage. And when you have a partnership break up, it’s like a divorce. It’s all the same feelings," Beth shares with us at 1Canoe2's HQ. From sweating over a small letterpress as she printed her wedding invitations to being the sole owner of a business that sells in 1,000 shops worldwide, Beth Snyder has made great strides. But how did this business start and what twists in the road almost derailed the dream? This week Beth helps us tackle how you stay fresh with your creative biz and how the hardest goodbyes of your life can make for the best new beginnings.

Beth Snyder has been hustling ever since her 4th grade friendship bracelet business. She graduated from The University of Missouri with a degree in Graphic Design and Fibers. After illustrating for many different TV stations and winning an Emmy in Nashville (what!), Beth landed in Fulton, Missouri. She has been working hard since 2008 to turn her letterpress "obsession" into a business she can build her livelihood around. Based in Fulton, 1Canoe2 is now sold worldwide and stocked by major retailers like Anthropologie.

While selling her artwork has always been an energizing activity for Beth, it wasn't the same for her business partner. Monetizing creativity can be stressful for a sole business owner, and there may be a misconception that two minds working on it only yields more creativity. This proved not to be the case when Beth and her business partner were unable to reconcile their creative processes. 

"I think the core joy of the business IS the business," Beth tells us. Creative differences ended in splitting up a business partnership as well as a long-term friendship. 

In this episode, Beth shares with us her journey through the partner break-up that changed everything and her path to building a career around artwork.

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