Episode 17: Is This Real Life?

"I don’t sugar coat it. I don’t say 'oh my god it’s so fun all the time'... I’m the one who will tell you 'I was crying in the closet last night' I’m the one to tell you 'my husband and I are fighting about it because he hates that I’m on my phone all the time' or 'my kids eat drive-thru three or four nights a week.' I’m gonna be real with you, and people appreciate that." - Casey Rubly

Being a female breadwinner can be difficult to navigate. But what happens when that shift occurs almost overnight?

Casey Rubly was a full-time teacher living check-to-check whose family had moved 9 times in 12 years. She never would have thought that she would be part of a million dollar multi-level marketing team. While her fast-paced fame may seem like a fairytale that "doesn't happen to normal people," it has come with it's fair share of "fights, and tears, and arguments." Her phenomenal success begs the question: is a female breadwinner still a big deal? Buckle up for an episode that breaks down the taboos surrounding multi-level marketing and the virtual tightrope walk that being a successful wife and mother can entail.


In just two years, Casey Rubly went from selling LipSense on the side to being one of SeneGence's Top Distributors. After years of living paycheck-to-paycheck on her and her husband's combined teaching salaries, Casey took on what was initially a side hustle of being a SeneGence rep. After a meteoric rise in the company, Casey left her teaching job to work for the Multi-Level Marketing company full time.

"It was just like a world that I could have never imagined and one that you think doesn't happen to normal people. And I was one that was like 'that doesn’t happen to normal people.' Well, I’m normal and it happened," Casey tells us of her whirlwind experience selling SeneGence products. In one year her team made $17 million. To put that into perspective, most people don't make $1 million in a year.

When Casey was still a newbie to the LipSense business, she made a casual video of herself applying LipSense and comparing it to a typical lipstick. This low quality video that was shot on her iPhone got 6,057 views and made business boom.

"If I’d have known I probably would’ve dressed nicer and put on some makeup… but it went almost viral. It was everywhere," Casey shares about her journey to becoming a "Sene-celebrity."

SeneGence is a multi-level marketing company (MLM), which can stir up a lot of controversy. "People think a Multi-Level Marketing business is a pyramid scheme. That’s the first thing that a lot of people think, and my quick answer to that is, I make more than my up-line." Casey is ready to address people's preconceived notions about MLMs and match the negative things that people think about her profession with the ways that it's changed her life for the better. 

With the controversy surrounding MLMs and the struggle that some marriages feel when there's a shift in income, Casey's success was not an easy ride. However, Casey believes the intense growing pains have made her even better. 

"I know how it feels to be trying to raise your kids and keep your husband happy and have no family -- I just feel like I can relate to a lot of people because I went through all those things."

In this episode, Casey tells us what it took for her to build a million dollar team and what she had to give to become a confident breadwinner within her marriage.

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