Episode 15: People Feel Like They Know Me

"I have a lot of creepers. Random people send me poems over the internet.” - Kacy Meinecke

Can being a local business celeb turn sinister?

It seems like a dream for your business to be well-known in your community. But when a personal brand gets popular in the digital age, can the attention get out of hand?

Kacy Meinecke's photography business is personal and warm. Based in Wichita, Kansas, Kacy gets recognized around town, and most of her business comes for client referrals. But catching celebrity feels can easily turn into strangers feeling a little too close. After a recent break-in at Kacy's studio, we find ourselves wondering if a male entrepreneur would have to deal with the same amount of unwanted attention. Kacy dishes about her all-female shop, her love of the Midwest, and photographing the famous.

Kacy Meinecke is the owner and face of Kacy Meinecke Photography, based in Wichita, Kansas. Kacy prides herself on building a brand that is personal yet professional. She specializes in corporate photography and captures gorgeous images of everything from headshots for biz professionals to lifestyle photography.

Kacy's photography skills have made her business boom. Evolving her business from wedding to corporate photography while remaining in Wichita, Kansas has made her a household name in the portraiture business. 

In this episode, Kacy delves into her reasoning to stay in Wichita and grow her business.

Kacy has found that some people will scoff at a creative business in Wichita, assuming that it's a small and bleak Midwestern town. But she knows otherwise, and the facts back her up. According to a 2016 article in The Wichita Eagle, Wichita's population surpassed that of New Orleans and Cleveland respectively with a whopping 389,965 people. And in the same article it bemoans Wichita's growth as being less than other Kansas cities. Local business owners like Kacy have felt the boom of Wichita, and it's made their home an even better place for business. As Kansas grows, so does Kacy's clientele. 

Along with Kacy's rising popularity comes new opportunities to shoot high-profile clients.

After taking headshots for viral YouTube sensations Tanner Braungardt and brother Tristan, Kacy was catapulted into the limelight." I got 150 phone calls in the span of a few hours [after the photoshoot]," she tells us in her interview. Kacy's passion for photography keeps her looking forward, even with the distraction that internet popularity and gung-ho fans can bring.

In this episode, Kacy talks about the delights of the Midwest and the dangers of being accessible as a personal brand.

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