Episode 14: Push Through To Purpose

"I went to several banks in town, and their first question was “what does your husband do?” - Arminta Phelps


How hard are you willing to work for your dream?

Arminta Phelps gave birth to her son two weeks after graduating chiropractic school. As a single mom trying to start a business, she had to put up with more sh*t than usual. Moving forward from being laughed out of a bank (seriously!) takes courage. But courage is something that Arminta has plenty of. Listen to her journey from unsure to inspirational.

Arminta Phelps owns and operates Achieve Balance Chiropractic, based in Columbia, Missouri. Arminta's mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and benefitted greatly from a chiropractor. After that experience, Arminta dedicated her life to healing others through her chiropractic business.

"I knew that it was gonna happen. There was nothing that was going to get in my way. I was going to fight tooth and nail."

The first thing to know about Arminta is that she does not give up. ProFresh has talked to many guests about the internal struggle of launching a business. But what happens when you have other people's judgements on top of that? Becoming a business owner while pregnant and single was more difficult for other people to understand than it was for Arminta to achieve.

But as we like to say, 'haters gonna hate'.

Now with a successful chiropractic practice, Arminta is the healer for other people that she needed on her toughest days. Turns out you don't need a husband to start a business! Who would've guessed? (US!) Arminta's career path hasn't been easy, but it has taught her how to be strong.

In this episode, Arminta talks about the hurdles that life put in her way and the hard work it took to get over them.

Give it a listen: