Episode 13: The Loneliness of Being a Boss

“I’m sitting on the couch like ‘oh I feel so alone,’ but I have a baby crawling on me and my husband is there and three dogs, but I’m like ‘none of you understand...’” -Kimber Dean


How do you fight the isolation that comes with being a business owner?

This week we tackle the issue of stress and the loneliness it can bring. Even when you're surrounded by people who love and support you, and even when you have a business partner, you can feel completely alone. How do you channel this anxiety back into productivity? How do you keep being a boss in the meantime?

In this episode, we dig deep into the wipe-outs that can leave you feeling lonely and the wins that make it all worth it.

Kalle LeMone and Kimber Dean co-own Nourish Cafe & Market in downtown Columbia, Missouri. Their combined passion for health foods and yoga kicked off their mutually beneficial partnership.

Kalle and Kimber couldn't be more different. Kalle is a people person who takes on Nourish's bookkeeping, and Kimber is a chef dedicated to allergen, soy, and gluten-free cooking. But what they did have in common was a desire to do something more and provide healthier food to a community. This shared goal sustained them through thick and thin and continues to serve them well today.
In this episode, Kalle and Kimber break down their lives since opening their business. We talk changing your employees lives, the benefits of Airplane Mode, and staying strong during all of the "oh shit" moments.

Give it a listen: