Episode 12: There Were No Training Wheels

"It was sink or swim… If I knew what I know now, would I have been able to do it? I think I would’ve been terrified." - Annika Miller


It's hard to start your own business. But at the age of 21, is it downright impossible?

Some people find their calling early. Rock on, good for them! But how do you get people to take you seriously at the age of 18? Ask Annika. While most young people her age were concerned about their Algebra final, Annika was setting herself up to succeed on her career path! Years later it's safe to say that her early investment has paid off splendidly. Listen to Annika's journey from point A to point B where 'A' is a high school classroom and 'B' is a successful photography business.

Annika Miller is a photographer at SilverBox Photographers, based in Columbia, Missouri. A businesswoman right out of college, Annika has grown her individual photography business within the context of SilverBox since around 2010. Annika most enjoys taking graduation photos for seniors in high school.

"The fear of the unknown can sometimes cause you to not go out and do the things you need to do, but that’s just life. You have to embrace the uncertainty."

Annika Miller was immediately drawn to photography when she began shooting in high school. This passion sustained her throughout college, and soon Annika was taking pictures alongside professional photographers for weddings and graduations alike. Over the years her mentors have become her peers, and she's witnessed the flourishing of the business she began growing at such a young age.

But Annika will be the first to tell you that it wasn't always this picture perfect. From financial struggles to feeling isolated, Annika had to take a lot of risks to create her niche.  

In this episode, Annika shares with us the celebrations and misconceptions surrounding step-children, studio sharing, and starting a business at a young age.

Give it a listen: