Episode 11: I'm Supposed To Know What I'm Doing

"Just because I’ve written a dissertation about a strategy topic doesn't mean I know how to run an apparel business." - Ashley Gangloff


Studying business and running one are two different worlds. Just ask Strategic Management PhD, Ashley.

When considering taking the plunge of starting your own business, the question "do I know enough?" has undoubtedly crossed everyone's minds. In this episode we dive further into the dilemma of what you've got versus what you think you need. Will you ever feel ready? Or will your desire to start something of your own outweigh your fears? Even as a professor of business, Ashley Gangloff had to hold off the dread in order to grasp her dreams.


Ashley Gangloff is the co-owner and co-founder of Salt House Co.; a faith-based online apparel shop. Ashley is also a college professor who teaches business. She has a B.F.A, a Masters in Business Administration, and a PhD in Strategic Management.

Ashley was used to the academic side of business, but it's hard to be clinical about a business you've built.

 "We hear, we read, we write about, and we research failure all the time… [but] I have experienced more emotion in these last 4 and a half months than I've ever inserted into any of my research about failing firms… It’s not sterile at all. It’s actually extremely heightened."

Ashley discovered the nitty-gritty side of business and the emotional involvement that happens outside of a classroom. What started as something that she referred to as a "side project" has evolved into an exciting business venture. Even as a seasoned pro, Ashley had to learn a lot about owning your ambition and taking academics into the real world.

In this episode, Ashley discusses transitioning from a business professor to a business owner, owning your "side hustle", and how her faith keeps her looking forward.

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