Episode 10: We Don't Have To Be Exactly Alike Anymore

"Being a female leader in a male-dominated industry was more pronounced 15 years ago than it is today... I’m not the novelty anymore. I’m just a person who’s in business, and I love that." - Kim Barnes


According to Kim Barnes, the future for female entrepreneurs is brighter than ever.

In a male-dominate field, being a boss can be overwhelming. Women in business are constantly facing road blocks built on a foundation of age-old stereotypes and sexism. But Kim Barnes had a different experience. Through the encouragement of her male higher-ups, she was given a wealth of support and experience. She ended up running the bank that she started at as a mere teller. Listen to how the consideration of her peers drove her to reach new heights in banking and leadership... and how the rest of Missouri had to catch up!


Kim Barnes is the President and CEO of The Callaway Bank in Fulton, Missouri. Kim is the first person who is not a member of the Harris family to be President of The Callaway Bank, as well as the first female president. Kim has always felt supported by her peers at work and now hopes to inspire and encourage women in business in her day to day.

“When I walked through those doors at my first interview at The Callaway Bank, this feeling just came over me and I was home… I just knew this was the right place for me,” Kim Barnes shared with us on a sunny afternoon in Fulton. Kim's drive for success has served her well in her years with the bank. From a bank teller to the President, Kim's passion for helping others has resonated through her work.

Kim attributes much of her success to the open minds of the executives above her. Between all-nighters at the bank to conventions where she is the only woman in the room, Kim's predecessors have every bit of faith in her. Through teary-eyes Kim discusses the support that she receives from them and how she hopes to spread that kind of motivation to women who need it.

In this episode, Kim shares with us her emotional lows of a high-powered position and how a male-dominated field can strengthen you rather than break you.

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