Episode 1: This Time Around, I’m Doing It Differently

How does your business affect your personal life? And how does your personal life affect your business?

I have a hunch that on a scale from 1–10, nearly all small business owners would say that owning a business is extremely important to their personal life – and personal identity.


Talking about “personal life” as the flipside of “work life” presents a problem for a small business owner – where does one line end and the other begin?

Anne Churchill, owner of Annabelle Events and Jubilee Planning Studio, is one of the most qualified people I know to talk about this topic.

She started her first business, Annabelle Events, from her couch (okay, from her air mattress) with just $500. She grew Annabelle for years and kept growing it through marriage and through divorce – and she’s still growing it to this day.

Now, Anne is set to launch her second business, Jubilee, all the wiser from those experiences.

What has she learned? And how has she balanced relationships and personal struggles while owning a business – and even launching a new one?

Give the first episode of Profresh a listen to find out:

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