Episode 16: Slow Your Roll

"I slept from midnight to 4am for 2 years... How do I do this without trashing myself?” - Kiarah Moore

When do you stop burning the candle at both ends?

Kiarah Moore has been an entrepreneur since Day One. At 17 she was dreaming up business plans, and by the age of 19 she was meeting with investors. But when business is your primary passion, when do you stop to smell the roses? After the hustle started to wear her down, Kiarah realized that she needed to appreciate her business as it blossoms. Especially now, with a baby on the way. Listen to Kiarah's story of the tireless work that made her successful and the soul searching that helped her do what she loves.


Kiarah Moore is the owner of Bake Moore From Scratch LLC which does business as Como Cookies and ChiTown Cookies. Kiarah has been passionate about business since high school but needed time to discover what field fueled her fire. She found her calling in baking, and the rest is history. Now with a baby on the way, Kiarah wants to remind herself and other ProFresh women to slow down and practice some self-care.

"The only thing that I’ve ever wanted was to run my business and be right back in that zone of.. I only need 4 hours of sleep, and I can worry about all this other stuff later," Kiarah tells us. Her old business philosophy of doing whatever it takes has taken a backseat as she's become more successful and since she's become pregnant. While Kiarah continues to deliver quality, customized cookies, she's started to factor in what's best for her.

It's an American ideal to throw yourself into your career and wear the sacrifices that it takes like a badge of honor. But when does this dedication to work turn into feeling emotionally spent at your job? That's the real question that Kiarah Moore and Kristen Brown tackle this week. There are times for 'fake it til you make it' and times to stop and look at what you've built. Just because Kiarah makes delicious treats doesn't mean the ride has always been sweet. 

In this episode, Kiarah walks us through her journey from pushing herself to the limit to pursuing a better life balance.

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